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LG revealed info about Nano Cell, Hinted OLED TV not competing to QLED TV

LG recently announced very interesting information about its “Nano Cell” technology which is integrated in the Super UHD TV 2017 line-up. Interestingly, Korean electronics firms confident that its technology provides better picture quality than Quantum Dot that integrated into Samsung QLED 2017 TVs.

LG nano cell

LG’s Nano Cell technology improves the picture quality of LCD TVs that LG used this year. Basically, the “Nano Cell,” a new liquid crystal display technology to improve color reproduction and its not produce light so they have a separate illumination module called a backlight unit.

LG said its Nano Cell uses 1-nanometer uniform particles to create more subtle, accurate colors that retain their integrity from wider viewing angles — up to 60 degrees — than other LCD TVs, including Samsung’s Quantum Dot that uses 2- to 11-nanometer particles.

“Red colors on typical LCD TVs can often be polluted by other color wavelengths such as yellow or orange, losing their accuracy,” said Kang Kyoung-jin, a senior researcher. “Nano Cells absorb surplus light wavelengths, resulting in more accurate color reproduction.”

The company also mentioned that the a Nano Cell coating is put directly on the mother glass, which requires no extra equipment or change in the overall manufacturing process. This also makes it less costly and more competitive compared with dedicated Quantum Dot QLED Samsung.

LG also revealed that due to the cost effectiveness, orders are already soaring especially from Chinese TV makers such as Skyworks and Kongga. In addition, lower production costs also reflected on the LG’s Super UHD TV series, pricing pretty much more pleasant than the Samsung SUHD TV with Quantum Dot.

However, LG has confirmed that OLED is the most premium model for LG TVs offer the best picture quality. The company said that Nano Cell technology is better than the Quantum Dot, but LG appears to be avoiding having its OLED TVs rival Samsung’s Quantum Dot by positioning the latest Nano Cell in between models.


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