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Leica launches M10 Monochrom With 40MP sensor, ISO160-100,000 for Black and White Photography

It has been nearly 5 years since the Leica M-Monochrom (Typ 246) has been launched since 2015. Leica unveiled its latest M10 Monochrom rangefinder camera, which uses a new 40-megapixel sensor “designed from the ground up” to process black and white photography.

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The new sensor has lowered its baseline ISO from 320 to 160, and Leica also claims improved detail, wide dynamic range, and a unique image. The company claims that not a single color photograph can achieve this quality when converted to black and white.

Leica removed any shades of camera color. The neutral gray case does not have a red Leica badge, and all the usual engravings that you find on most M cameras are also neutral gray, creating a smooth monochrome contrast with bright white numbers.

Monochrom has always been a camera for a small number of people taking pictures because of its characteristics. But if you want to capture images with perfect sharpness and light frequency range and absolute details, this can be said to be a champion machine.

With an increase in resolution, an updated processor, ISO speed from 160 to 100,000, the M10 Monochrom is a powerful device. Particularly noteworthy is ISO 160 – an amazing feat for a camera without a bayer filter. Along with that is a 40MP sensor, you will have a digital rangefinder camera that delivers extremely sharp images in many different shooting situations, than its predecessors.

Leica M10 Monochrom

The ultra-high-resolution black-and-white sensor of the M10 Monochrom delivers images with impeccable sharpness and unrivalled resolution of details in all lighting conditions. While reaching these new feats of resolving prowess, the new M10 Monochrom is even more versatile than its black-and-white forebears, with a broadened sensitivity range at both extremes

The case is as thin as the other M10 models and has an ISO dial. The camera has the same silent shutter and touch screen as the Leica M10P. Photos can be shared via Wi-Fi and the Leica Fotos app.

Price and Availability

Leica M10 Monochrom Digital Rangefinder Camera is already available for pre-order via store for $8,295 and shipping starts from January 2020.

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