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Kinera BD005 is a Budget Hybrid Headphones

The vast majority of headphones and earphones today use dynamic drivers to push out sound. Some higher-end models have balanced armature drivers, which use magnetism to deliver powerful sound from within much smaller casings. The Kinera BD005 hybrid headphones combined a single balanced armature driver with a single dynamic driver in each casing.

Kinera Hybrid Headphones

The Kinera BD005 hybrid in-ear headphones come with dual drivers, one balanced armature driver handle the highs and mids, while the dynamic driver take care of the low-range frequencies. It’s an efficient arrangement, designed to ensure cleaner handling of various frequencies, and we aim to find out just how well it performs.

The Kinera BD005 uses dual-driver hybrid technology, frequency response ranges from 20-22000Hz, while sensitivity measures in at 103dB. The standard-length 1.2m cable. The earphones themselves are detachable from the cable using MMCX connectors. The BD005 is purely a pair of earphones, but also comes equipped with a microphone and in-line remote control.

Impedance is on the low side, at just 15Ohms. This allows the BD005 to go loud, even when connected to smartphones and portable media players. It’s also a slight cause for concern because this makes the earphones more susceptible to blowouts, so careful use is advised. Additional amplification is best avoided, as are loud volumes.

Kinera BD005

The Kinera BD005 hybrid headphones has an attractive design, the casings are made of translucent plastic; comes in three color options such as Blue, Grey, and Red. The shape and design of the casings come off as a bit odd, and the Kinera logos on top don’t really help either. Build quality is excellent, however, so if looks aren’t too important to you then you have nothing to worry about.

The cable of the BD005 hybrid drivers headphones is among the best with multiple strands are twisted and double-intertwined to create a durable, tangle-resistant and good-looking cord. After the Y-splitter, the cables become single-intertwined and have an additional layer of plastic sheathing on them. The last portion of the cable curves to form ear hooks which end in MMCX connectors.

If you’re looking for excitement along with decent levels of all of the above qualities, you have to pay a very small amount around $29.99 in the US and £23.99 for UK.

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