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How to Handle a Tech Disaster as a Freelancer

A tech disaster can be catastrophic in any workplace, but it is particularly calamitous if you’re a freelancer. As a subcontractor or gig worker, chances are you only get paid for the work you produce. If you’re forced to take time off due to a technical tragedy, it’s going to have a significant impact on your income.


However, it isn’t just your short-term finances that will be affected. If you’re forced to turn down work due to a tech failure, you run the risk of losing the client altogether. Due to the fallout that inevitably follows a tech disaster, it’s something freelancers need to avoid at all costs.

To ensure you don’t fall foul of corrupted hard drives, cracked screens, and glaring blue screens, take a look at these top three solutions for handling a tech disaster as a freelancer.

1. Have a Contingency Plan in Place

When your tech fails, it’s easy to fall into a pit of despair. If you have a contingency plan in place, however, you can start dealing with the situation right away. The most effective contingency plans will ensure you can keep operating, even if your tech equipment fails.

This may mean having backup equipment on standby or securing access to a shared remote working space. You may even want to explore rental options, so you can access computer equipment at short notice.

2. Secure Funding

Although technology is a necessary tool for freelancers, it doesn’t always come cheap. A tech disaster can leave with you an unexpected bill stretching into hundreds of pounds, even if a repair is possible. If you don’t have the funds to hand, it’s important to have alternative financing options available.

Taking out competitive small loans with low-interest rates can be one of the most effective ways to secure funding quickly. With a swift online application process and fast fund releases, you could replace your equipment and get back to work before you miss any of your deadlines.

3. Use Managed IT Services

With managed IT services, you can access the tech support you need, whenever you need it. While you won’t have your own tech team in the next room, managed IT services could be the next best thing. Many providers offer swift onsite repairs, so you can minimize the time it takes to resolve a tech disaster in the most cost-effective way.

Keeping Your Tech Functional

As a freelancer, you are going to be utterly reliant on your tech equipment to carry out your role. From email communications and video conferencing to word processing and graphic design, everything takes place using tech.

Of course, the only guarantee when it comes to technology is that disaster will strike at some point! While you can’t always prevent something going wrong, keeping your operating systems up to date and having your machines serviced regularly can help to reduce the risk of something going awry. With a comprehensive maintenance routine, you may be able to catch a tech disaster before it strikes.

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