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How to Develop a New Electronic Hardware Device

If you have a great idea for an electronic hardware device that’s not available on the market, you’ll be happy to learn it’s possible to turn your vision into a reality.

Even if you lack the necessary technical skills, you could soon become the brains behind an innovative new gadget that captures the market.

Regardless of whether you’re an inventor, electronic engineer, entrepreneur, or a small company, you should read the following advice on how to develop a new electronic hardware device.

Decide How to Develop Your Product

Unless you have a comprehensive knowledge of electronic product development, it is unlikely you will be able to build a device alone. Many specialties are required when developing a hardware product, such as:

So, you may need to hire various engineers, programmers, and manufacturers to create your device.

Hire a Technical Co-Founder

If you have next to no technical know-how, you would be smart to hire one or more technical co-founders, who should have experience in hardware engineering or programming.

What’s more, the technical co-founders must have an in-depth knowledge of the product development process to manage hardware design and manufacturing effectively. For example, a knowledgeable co-founder would recommend a preliminary product design prior to jumping into adopting a schematic capture program.

Consider Outsourcing

As mentioned, it is likely you don’t possess all the necessary skills to execute a new hardware device perfectly. To affordably fill gaps in your experience, consider outsourcing tasks to one or more freelance engineers. They also may need to regularly work together to ensure accuracy when designing a hardware, so you will need to serve as a project manager.

Don’t Rule Out Development Companies

If money isn’t an issue, reach out to a development company with extensive experience in electrical product designs. You can, therefore, enjoy peace of mind that your hardware idea will be in safe hands, but their knowledge and skills will be anything but cheap.

Team Up with a Manufacturer

Alternatively, you could bring your hardware idea to fruition by teaming up with a manufacturer, who should currently produce similar products. Many reputable manufacturing companies will have their own development and engineering departments so they can tackle many aspects of the design and manufacturing processes, such as engineering, prototyping, mold production and, of course, manufacturing.

However, it is likely you will need to sign a manufacturing agreement, which could prevent you from turning to a more affordable manufacturer once you need to increase your production volume. Plus, they may request to possess some or all of the hardware’s intellectual rights.

Estimate Production Cost

Before you rush into designing a hardware product, you must estimate the cost of production. By doing so, you’ll know exactly how much money you will need to invest in the designing and manufacturing processes so you can develop a sales price to provide your company with a great ROI. For example, you will need to consider PCB assembly, product testing, retail packaging, logistics, warehousing, and duties to identify an accurate manufacturing cost.

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