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GTA V: Thanos Mod now Available to Download for Free

The Thanos mod for GTA V is available for download. Players can then wander the streets of Los Santos playing the role of Thanos that with his Infinity Glove will sow death and destruction by throwing meteors and emitting beams of energy. You can also create portals to teleport from one side of the city to another, steal people’s souls and kill half the population with just one snap of the fingers.

Thanos Mod GTA V

Players interested in the mod can download the necessary files for free through the gtaxscripting site (Link) which also includes all the steps to install it correctly. The Thanos mod is created by the well-known JulioNib, and the mod is available only for the PC version.

Thanos – the antagonist of the Avengers Infinity War movie is ready to land in GTA V and all thanks to the Thanos mod created by JulioNIB, author of other popular changes that have implemented in the Rockstar Games several famous people including Ghost Rider, Iron Man, Hulk and Dragon Ball.

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