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GTA V on PC with 10K resolution at 60fps | Video

Playing the endless GTA V on a PC with a resolution of 10K and a frame rate set to 60fps is now possible and a test video has been published by the Videoblogger called DudeRandom84.

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It is safe to say that to allow Grand Theft Auto V to turn 10K resolution at a stable frame rate, you need a PC with a suitable hardware configuration.

DudeRandom84 has succeeded to set the crazy resolution thanks to a high-end PC that fitted two GTX 1080Ti graphics cards in SLI, however, to maintain a 60fps fluid gameplay has had to compromise.

No advanced effects have been used, and some graphics settings have been set to “Normal”, while others are “Very High”. Forget about “Ultra” settings as well as sometimes the number of frames per second sagged to 55fps to 49fps – usually during the most vivid action scenes with a massive shot and explosions. The strong frames per second rates were in large open spaces.

The overall result is absolutely satisfying, but it’s important to point out that YouTube allows uploading and then publishing videos with a maximum resolution of 4K, so real-world quality is simply suggested by a number of visible on-screen data.


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