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FiiO M5 Review: Best Portable Music Player

At first glance, the FiiO M5 users mistakenly think it is a smartwatch, especially when it can also be worn on the wrist which is extremely convenient. This product has the ability to function as a Bluetooth receiver/transmitter, like a USB DAC, the best portable music player with a memory card, a sound recorder, a digital source, as a transporter, everything it has, and the price has been just $99.99.

The M5 has a total size of 45.3 mm x 42 mm x 13.7 mm and weighs 38 grams only, easily fits in your bag when not in use. A transparent clip on the back of the device which is also working as a protective case as well as is worn to attach it to any position you want. The M5 has a metal frame and a glass case owns a 1.54-inch HD screen with a resolution of 240×240 pixels, allowing the full display of essential information. The display is also a touch screen for easier operation, similar to a smartwatch.

As mentioned above, the FiiO M5 is not only a portable music player but also a Bluetooth receiver. The product supports common codecs such as SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX HD and LDAC. The M5 will be highly suitable for use with smartphones without a headphone jack, allowing transmission and decoding of high-quality music signals with the LDAC codec.

In terms of music features, the compact design like the smartwatch of the M5 is yet another advantage. Users can listen to music with the N5 using a Bluetooth headset while exercising without having to go through their smartphone. As mentioned above, the FiO M5 comes with a silicone strap to wear on the wrist, as well as the devices’ lock screen also has a watch (5 types of options), but at the end, it will be slightly larger and thicker than traditional smartwatches.

Another notable point in the M5’s setup menu is to allow the user interface to be changed in multiple directions. Due to the square screen, the interface has not been changed at all. It also has a built-in step count function to meet exercise needs. The FiiO M5 has a 550mAh battery that lasts approximately 12 hours. Full charge in about two and a half hours, it does not support fast charging.

Final line

The FiiO M5 is, in our opinion, the best portable music player product. It combines the benefits of a hands-free audio player with Bluetooth receiver/transmitter as well as a smartwatch, but at a much more affordable price. Although sound quality is average at best, the overall feature set makes this an attractive product.

If you’re looking to buy a smart Hires audio player and get on the touchscreen bandwagon, the FiiO M5 is perhaps the most feature-filled and capable device today that costs less than $99.99 and can be purchased through Amazon and Bhphotovideo online stores.

There are better options around the same price that you can buy. However, the benefits of the touch screen, as well as the M5’s smartwatch capability, make it a better option at this price, in our opinion. This device opens up the possibility of having the best portable music player with Hires audio to many more buyers, thanks to its reasonable pricing.

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