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Dying Light Bad Blood: Techland’s Battle Royale on Steam in September

Dying Light: Bad Blood, the Techland Battle Royale set in the universe of the homonymous gaming series, will debut in Early Access on Steam in September.

Dying Light Bad Blood

The Battle Royal genre is decorated with another title, a fast-paced and gory online game that creatively blends PvP and PvE combat while retaining the core of Dying Light’s iconic gameplay.

You will then enter a zombie-infested area to compete as one of 12 players to become the only survivor. Scavenge for weapons, destroy zombie hives to level up, and combine your advanced parkour mobility with brutal combat skills to outrun, outsmart, and outplay your opponents.

Dying Light: Bad Blood will be available in September only on Steam in Early Access through the purchase of the Founder’s Package which, in addition to the game, includes the following contents:

  • Exclusive Golden Founder’s Mask
  • Three exclusive Legendary weapon skins: Golden Neckslicer (dagger), Golden Bonecleaver (machete), and Golden Skullopener (cricket bat).
  • 1000 Blood bucks, the in-game currency spendable in the game’s store
  • Bonus: three exclusive Legendary skins distributed over 3 months

Techland Battle Royale

We point out that the definitive version of Techland’s Battle Royale will also arrive on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and will be distributed as a free to play title.


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