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Donkey Kong and Sky Skipper Arcade Games Now on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is preparing to receive some classic 80s titles were originally released on arcade games cabinets and never officially landed on other platforms. It is nothing less than Donkey Kong Arcade and Sky Skipper, both published in 1981 and announced by Nintendo during E3 2018 event.

Donkey Kong

The story related to Donkey Kong is particularly curious since the reason for its failure to publish in all these years is due to some problems concerning the management of copyright. Nintendo did not explicitly refer to this situation, but it is likely to have been exceeded ahead of its debut on Switch.

No less curious is the story of Sky Skipper, whose popularity is certainly not particularly high. Probably many of us have never heard this name before and this should not surprise us. It seems that the title had been released by Nintendo America only on 10 arcade cabinets scattered around the US. To date only one is still working, that is the one present in the company’s headquarters. Here it was possible to extract the ROM from the original machine to then readjust it and re-propose it as a downloadable title on Nintendo Switch.

Sky Skipper Arcade Games

Donkey Kong is available from now at $6.99 and includes all three versions of the game: the original version (almost beta), a revised version – the one published in the USA in 1981 – and the International version. Sky Skipper, however, will arrive by the end of July, but there is not yet an official date.


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