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Different technologies that make live igaming possible

Online gambling platforms have always led the way when it comes to adoption of latest digital innovations, in an effort to make things easier and better for their clients. Over the past few years, we have seen some of the most cutting edge live dealer games offered by reputed casino platforms on the Internet. There is a complicated technological process behind the setting up and running of such live dealer games. Let’s acquaint you with some of these different technologies that make these live dealer casino games possible.

different technologies

Web Streaming

It won’t be possible to run a live dealer casino game in the absence of video streaming technology. Web streaming cameras play a critical role in streaming of the gaming action to players situated at remote locations. While devices like smartphones and computers connect live dealer games to the players, through Internet, a good camera is necessary to make these games interactive. Any average live dealer casino set up involves three different angles of the gambling table, including the dealer and/or players one is up against. Please note, online casinos employ a special type of streaming software to facilitate high-speed streams to players, without any latency or lags, and/or usage of CPU power.

Game Control Unit

Often referred to as just GCU, it is this technology which enables participation of multiple players in a live dealer casino game. It’s a device which encrypts or converts feeds received from the server of an online casino, and thereafter sends it electronically to the machine. GCU ensures that these games don’t have to depend upon large data bandwidths that can often result in impaired play.

Optical Camera Recognition

It’s a software integrated into a live dealer online casino game which enables efficient recording of every action that happens in the gaming room. OCR technology is responsible for conversion of the optical data into electronic data, and captures the complete play process, as it happens in any brick and mortar casino establishment.

Cloud Server Storage

Cloud servers that store security systems and gaming feeds constitute an integral part of any live dealer casino environment. The players are provided temporary data through such cloud servers. The new age online casinos offering live dealer games to players use cloud technology to ensure quicker and efficient transmission of game-related data. The advanced security solutions and protocols available through this technology are used by live dealer casinos to make sure that these games are kept safe from any hacking attempts. On a side note, if cloud computing excites you, here are three trends that’ll define its next phase.

Digital Casino Wheels

As live dealer casino games are often about the actual setup, real gaming machines and physical tables, the roulette wheels used in live roulette are real too. In order to keep the live dealer roulette transparent and easy to play, the roulette wheels are digitised so that the resulting scores can be transmitted easily and automatically to the players based at remote locations. Such digitised casino wheels enable players to easily view the results of every spin and also maintain personal score cards easily.

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