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Cooler Master launches 3 SK series wireless mechanical keyboard With Cherry switches, RGB lights, USB-C

Cooler Master has added three new wireless mechanical keyboards to its low-profile SK series: SK621, SK631, and SK651. This is also the first Cooler Master wireless mechanical keyboard and they are still equipped with a high-end Cherry MX Low Profile Red switch with a durability of more than 50 million clicks.

Currently the mechanical key market is still very exciting, but not many options for wireless mechanical keys (both used with receiver and Bluetooth), with Lofree Dot and less popular keys like Anne Pro or Keywalker 68. This time, Cooler Master seems to be pioneering a multi-size wireless key with the Cherry MX Low Profile switch with RGB lights.

This key series includes 3 versions: SK621, SK631 and SK651 with 65% layout respectively, 87 TKL keys and full-size 108 keys. All of them use the Cherry MX Low Profile Red, so they are neat and slim in size. This is a switch recently released by Cherry with the same characteristics as Cherry MX Red – linear with keystem when pressing straight from the top to the bottom without tactile bump feedback and no clicky.

The activation force of the switch is 45 cN (45g) + – 15 cN (hit the end of the journey) similar to Cherry MX Red and the interesting thing is that even though the low-profile, but the total journey is still 3.2 mm, shorter than just 0.8 mm compared to the standard Cherry MX Red, the trigger point is 1.2 mm and Cherry also emphasizes not making sound. Earlier, the wired version of the Cooler Master SK630 and SK650 had the option of Cherry MX Low Profile Speed ​​with the same characteristics as Cherry MX Speed ​​(Silver) with the pressing force also at 45 Celsius, but the trigger point was earlier at 1 mm. It is not clear if the wireless SK line has this switch option.

Also talking about RGB lights, all three versions incorporate RGB lights, the low-profile switch is chosen by Cooler Master as RGB with transparent housing cover, built-in LED light so that the lamp effect will be beautiful and character Sub on the keycap will be able to be more fully lit instead of RGB ball-mounted LED housing. In addition the border around the keys also has RGB lights.

Cooler Master said all wireless versions use Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity to support simultaneous connection with 3 devices, with quick switch, built-in battery that can reach 15 hours of use if lighting at high brightness most and 4 to 5 months if all lights are turned off. The charging port and wired connection to the keyboard are USB-C ports, which can be both connected for charging and used as normal keyboards.

The price of this keyboard will be $119.99 for SK621 65% layout version, $139 for SK631 TKL version and $159.99 for SK651 full-size.

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