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Common Threats for Data Loss

For a business, losing data from computer systems can be a problem, especially if the data is of a sensitive nature. Sometimes, businesses are unable to recover as a result. The key to protecting data is to understand what causes data loss and what measures business owners can take to prevent it. This guide shows you some common threats for data loss, and how to combat them.

Cyber-Threats – there are many threats from the internet that can cause a loss of data. There are hackers who want access to computer systems so they can steal information. Ransom attacks are where files are corrupted through malware and can only be restored if businesses are willing to pay hefty fees. Phishing scams are often sent through links in emails; these often try to get people to click on them and enter personal information. Trojans are designed to trick people into allowing access, such as by clicking on a false advert or downloading fake software. Once in the system, a Trojan can track passwords and even gain access to webcams. To help prevent cyber-threats, antivirus software is a must-have basic layer of protection. Businesses should also train staff to avoid opening spam emails and to limit using the internet for personal use.

Theft – the physical theft of a computer means that the information stored in files is at risk. Makes sure your business premises has good security, and train staff on the dangers of carrying laptops off-site where they can be lost or stolen. Other ways that data can be stolen is if staff work on laptops in public. Catching up on reports on trains, buses or in cafes can leave screens visible to others. While you might not want to stop staff from working where they can, it is a good idea to prevent being spied upon by using screen covers that make the information difficult to read by anyone other than the person using the laptop.

Deletion – sometimes information in files can be deleted or wiped by mistake. Often it can be restored by a simple command on a computer, but this is not always the case. If you have precious information that you can’t get back through normal means, then you can enlist the help of a specialist data company, such as Secure Data Recovery.

Unsecure Passwords – while it is easy and convenient to have memorable passwords for accounts we use online, or to protect files, choosing something obviously makes it easy for others to guess. Long-form passwords are a better option and contain numbers, letters, and characters in random combinations. It is also essential to regularly change passwords, and not use the same one for different accounts.

Protecting data is essential for businesses of any size. A loss of data could mean that sensitive information gets into the wrong hands. If this is your business data, then the financial and operational side can be made public. If your customer data is stolen or wiped, then customers may lose trust in your security. Keeping your business protected ensures it has a future, so make it a priority.

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