Commodore 64 Mini Will soon be Officially Available in the US

Companies are enjoying the idea of re-launching old products, which are increasing the curiosity of people. Nintendo has done this with the NES Mini, also known as Nintendinho, and SNES, Super Nintendo. Sega ended up coming up with a mini-edition of Mega Drive. Meanwhile, Atari and Intellivision are waiting to join the group. Now, it seems that it is not just the consoles themselves that can be reborn. The Commodore 64 Mini is also on the rise.

Commodore 64 games

The Commodore 64 is the best-selling home computer of all time, and was only available to those living in Europe, so people who lived in the United States, had to import so far.

Now, this will not be more accurate, since it is landing in the land of Uncle Sam on October 9. The interesting thing is that it will feature 64 pre-installed games including California Games, Winter Games, Boulder Dash, Mission Impossible II and the excellent Speedball II: Brutal Deluxe.

It features two extra USB ports to allow players to plug in extra control, thereby allowing users to access some multiplayer-style gameplay. You can even connect a keyboard to it, and use the C64 basic language to build your own system.

Some sites say there are problems in controlling and difficulties in adding new games, which can also be done with it. Even so, it is an option for those who want to have the same feeling of playing with it in the past, having the joystick in hand, not only making use of emulators, even if it costs a little more around $80.


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