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Galaxy S5 Mini smartphone review

Galaxy S5 Mini

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Review: After launch Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone, Samsung will launch the Mini version of it, but still retains the essence of the original one. The Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini owned 4.5inch screen, quad core processor and 8MP camera would be interesting options for you. Samsung’s mini line first appeared in 2012 with the introduction of the …

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus equipped with Snapdragon 805 processor

Galaxy S5 Plus

Samsung has recently launched the latest version of Galaxy S5 Plus with outstanding configuration than the predecessor Galaxy S5 Phone. The new upgrade of the Galaxy S5 style and design is no different than previous smartphone models, but the performance is more robust upgrade and support new 4G LTE chip with faster speed, like the Galaxy S4 -LTE was launched …

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Samsung Galaxy A3, A5 and A7 new Images and price


After New Samsung Galaxy Alpha, Samsung continues to present three mobile devices in midrange segment called Samsung Galaxy A3, A5 and A7. However, once exposed the images, all these are compared to Galaxy Alpha but still Galaxy A5, A3 and A7 smartphone devices are still unknown. Samsung Galaxy A5 is left side the smartphone with a slightly larger body than the …

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Full Review

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

This year, Samsung again creates storm with a new generation version of Notes. Not only equipped with the most powerful configuration, the design of the Galaxy Note 4 also is spectacular. The Galaxy Note product line has created a new trend with a large screen from the year before. Not just a great design, also has a lot of cool …

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Galaxy Alpha with shiny metal design in Rs. 39,990

Galaxy Alpha

Samsung Galaxy Alpha is the new smart phone is launched by Korean electronics. This is the first galaxy phone which is equipped with shiny metal. Galaxy Alpha is a masterpiece with metal frame and luxury design with sharp display, its now available in India all shops and online outlets in Rs. 39,990 We can see, Samsung has opened a new …

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Galaxy Mega 2 with features and review

Galaxy Mega 2

Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 phones were officially available on Samsung’s website in Malaysia and Thailand. Official selling price of the this phone still no accurate information, about $ 400 or less. But today, the latest Samsung phone officially available on its website in Malaysia and Thailand, but local users in both countries have said the Galaxy Mega 2 can purchase …

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Samsung Galaxy A5 Image leak

Samsung Galaxy A5

Galaxy Alpha is the first smartphone with the metal rim Samsung smartphone, but a new line of Korean manufacturers also uses metal or a high-quality materials that is about to occur with the first representing the Samsung Galaxy A5 or SM-A500. The previous rumors about the Samsung Galaxy A5 or SM-A500 or Samsung SPH A500 says that this phone entire …

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Galaxy Grand Prime Selfie phone At Rs. 15,000

Galaxy Grand Prime

Not only have HTC to Best Selfie Camera trend phone, Samsung also has a similar product, which is called ‘Galaxy Grand Prime’. Galaxy Grand Prime is the newest smart android phone which has been announced in India by Samsung. A Galaxy Grand Prime smartphone is a selfie based device which comes with the 5 mega-pixel front camera which is mostly …

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Galaxy Note 4 – Galaxy Note 3 : Quick Comparison

Galaxy Note 4

Galaxy Note 3 vs Galaxy S4 Samsung Galaxy Note 4 have been many notable improvements compared to previous versions of Note smartphones. The smartphone uses QHD screen, 16 megapixel camera supports optical stabilization, faster LTE network. Especially octa-core 2.7 processor. Galaxy Note 4 will have 2 versions of the configuration, in which a version possesses a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon processor …

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Galaxy Note 4 : super smartphone with metallic finish

Galaxy Note 4

If at IFA 2014, Samsung has made you a great impression with the company’s smartphone devices are coming to the Galaxy Note 4 is officially sold out, you will still have to be better measured with some money to own a super smartphone is. According to a recently Galaxy Note 4 News, will be priced around $ 800. Galaxy Note …

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