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Lumia 535 available in India with Praiseworthy Price of Rs.9,199

Lumia 535 Display

Finally Lumia 535 officially available in India and become very popular smartphone in the market. Surely you want to know that new Lumia brand has something attractive or not? Microsoft does not consider the Lumia 535 is a low-cost device, so they held a grand event to introduce this smartphone in the last 28-11. When holding a smartphone, there are …

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Lumia X Concept Smartphone from Microsoft

Lumia X Smartphone from Microsoft

Recently, Nick Ludgate has launched a concept phone design for next line of Lumia high-end smartphone, called Microsoft Lumia X, yes not Nokia Lumia X anymore. The Lumia 535 is a first phone dubbed Microsoft, but, this is just a mid-range smartphone device, the consumer as well as the technology firm is awaiting for an advanced smartphone to compete with …

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Lumia Concept Smartphone with Unique Camera Design

Lumia Concept Smartphone

For those who love the Lumia series smartphone devices running Windows Phone operating system, a device such as this will be the smartphone that you can not refuse. But the phone of the future is an infinite source of inspiration for designers. This is also the reason that Jonas Daehnert launched a smartphone device called Spinner Phone. Spinner Phone is …

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Lumia 930 review: perfect window smartphone

Lumia 930

Appears on the Indian market, nokia phones India present Windows Phone called Lumia 930. A lot of people waiting for this smartphone news in the present market. Nokia Lumia 930 release at online store, price of 37,650 rupees. Lumia 930 is not the first Windows Phone model which has an aluminum body, but quality nokia products with better finish. Metallic finish …

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Lumia 830 and Lumia 730 Designs & Comparisons

Lumia 830 Lumia 730

We had a post comparing the Lumia 730 and Lumia 830 on configurations and the basic features. And in this article we will explore in more detail the appearance of these two new handsets of Nokia are very interested now. Together launched at an event at this year’s IFA, the Lumia 830 and Lumia 730 are not making the most advanced …

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Nokia Lumia 630 Colorful Smartphone

Nokia Lumia 630

Nokia Lumia 630 can be considered a successor version of the Lumia 620 with upgraded configurations, big screen and dual SIM supports. This phone launch to aimed to mid-range users in emerging markets such as India, where many people only need a smartphone device with an affordable price. Lumia 630 has colorful designs, dual SIM convenience for work and entertainment …

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Nokia XL 5inch Android smartphone

Nokia XL Android smartphone

After the success of version nokia X, nokia mobiles India has continued to give users the opportunity to own new Nokia smartphones. Nokia XL Phone sleek and especially with the Android operating system in  Nokia’s style. With this operating system users can have Live Tiles interface experience while can install up to 75% of Android apps. 5inch display size highlighting with …

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Lumia 535 officially launched at $135

Lumia 535 update

Microsoft has officially launched the Lumia 535, a mid-range smartphone and is the first Lumia phone without brand Nokia. Lumia 535 has two highlights include 5-inch display and 5 mega-pixels front camera. According to Microsoft, this is their version is designed to succeed the Lumia 530 and mainly aimed at markets such as China, India, Russia and other Asian countries. …

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Lumia 830 Full Review

Lumia 830 is the most striking smartphone of the Microsoft products have been introduced at the IFA 2014 recently, along with Lumia 730 and Lumia 930. The Lumia 830 2014 Microsoft smartphone product of the mid-range segment will cost enriching its collection this 2014. Lumia 830 only cost of Rupees. 25,000, equipped with plenty of hardware features and software, almost similar to …

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Nokia Lumia 525 Review

Nokia Lumia 525

Lumia 525 will continue on the path of elder Lumia 520 and storming the market of low budget smartphones. Here we have Nokia Lumia 525 Reviews below. Compact Design: The Nokia Lumia 525 is very similar to the famous predecessor Lumia 520 is still very stylish, many colors to choose from. 4 inch touch screen display that fits in the …

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