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Sharp 4k and 8k TV appeared at CES 2015

Sharp present a new 85 inch 8K TV lines at CES 2015. In fact, this is not an 8K TV resolution, it is the Beyond 4K UHD TV appeared in a recent time. By the algorithm and advanced technology that Sharp was able to raise the number of sub-pixels of their 4k TV, up at the threshold between Sharp 4k …

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Panasonic TV Series with Firefox OS unveiled at CES 2015

Panasonic’s new TV series introduced at CES 2015 is equipped with high-resolution panels, the new Firefox OS operating system allows programmers to develop applications. The 4K Panasonic TV will run Firefox OS. Panasonic said all lines of 4K Smart TV will be pre-installed with the company’s 2015 operating system called Firefox OS. Thus, after Web OS on LG and Android, the Firefox …

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Samsung SUHD TV with Tizen OS and PlayStation Now at CES 2015

Korean electronics said SUHD is a high standard technology, bringing a completely new experience for TV viewers. Samsung has not explained the letter “S” means nothing but emphasize SUHD achieve contrast, brightness and color reproduction capability better. The system automatically analyzes the brightness of images to optimize power consumption while maintaining high quality display with deeper black. Samsung SUHD been …

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Sony 4K TV – Bravia 4K TV Series with New Android TV Platform at CES 2015

A total of 11 models were Bravia 4K TV manufacturers announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas ongoing, with sizes from 43 to 75 inch Triluminos Display LCD panels using LED technology. Manufacturer of Japan said all Bravia 4K TVs will use the newer Android TV platform. This is the Android operating system, is customized to operate on …

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LG UHD TV with quantum dots technology at CES 2015


At CES 2015, the world of technology will be seen UHD TV resolution with quantum dot technology, this Ultra High Definition Television has the ability to display colors better than the current technology. In a latest press release, LG is planning to release a new UHD TV with Ultra quantum dots technology next year at CES 2015. The ability to …

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LG 8K Smart TV will debut at CES 2015


When standard 4K smart TV is not really popular, LG has decided to launch a TV model supports 8K Ultra High Definition Display at CES 2015. In 2014, 4K Ultra HDTV has become very popular than a time compared to the previous years. Since the price of more than $ 1500, but now, with the amount of less than $ 1000, …

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LG 65EC9700 65-inch curved screen TV with 4K resolution


Accordingly, LG 65 inch curved screen 4K OLED TVs codenamed LG 65EC9700 will be sold for $ 8,999 in the United States. It is considered as an attractive price for a LG Smart TV that is equipped with advanced technology. Even this is only the price listed on the LG system. In fact, Pocket-lint technology page that customers can buy …

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LG 8K TV 98 inch introduced at IFA 2014


Currently, the major TV manufacturers are competing among themselves to introduce new 4K TVs, while LG 2014 TV demonstrated a single 8K TV 98 inch size was very impressive. LG said that 4K TVs are already being outdated. LG present individual 8K TV at IFA 2014. (Also see Samsung World’s largest curve UHD TV) Of course, this LG 8K TV does …

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Panasonic introduced the 4K TV AX900 at IFA 2014

4K TV AX900

TV Series Panasonic AX900 each single version launched earlier this year during CES 2014 at the IFA 2014 and it was officially introduced. In addition, Panasonic also introduces a high-end 4K TVs. 4K UHD TV Series Panasonic AX900 pictured above possesses the LED technology, quad-core processor, compatible 4K content on Netflix with a premium design. The Panasonic AX 900 Launch …

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