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LG revealed info about Nano Cell, Hinted OLED TV not competing to QLED TV

LG recently announced very interesting information about its “Nano Cell” technology which is integrated in the Super UHD TV 2017 line-up. Interestingly, Korean electronics firms confident that its technology provides better picture quality than Quantum Dot that integrated into Samsung QLED 2017 TVs. LG’s Nano Cell technology improves the picture quality of LCD TVs that LG used this year. Basically, ... Read More »

Why QLED TV? – Explained in Video by Samsung

If this question arises in your mind – Why QLED TV? or What is QLED?, as an answer to this Samsung has uploaded three new videos to illustrate the specifications of QLED TV. New Samsung QLED 2017 TV series deal with various subjects including Quantum Dot and all related aspects such as new materials and color volume, contrast ratio and ... Read More »

Story Line: Samsung QLED TV and Evolution of Smart TV

Samsung has released two interesting infographics to illustrate the highlights of its QLED TV and the evolution of its Smart TV platform. As for Samsung QLED TV, it is substantially summarized all the features we mentioned in a recent article. From the technical point of view emphasizes the ability to cover 100% color volume, increase the bold contrast ratio, higher ... Read More »

New range of Philips 2017 TVs Announced

Philips has unveiled the upcoming TV range for 2017 including high-end POS9002 OLED TV series and 7000 and 6000 LCD TV series. The first model is 55″ 55POS9002 under POS9002 OLED TV series, the second product from the company after 55POS901F. This new Philips 2017 TVs still based on Android TV, pre-installed Android 6.0 Marshmallow and operated by a quad-core ... Read More »