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Top 5 Battery saver apps for Android smartphones


One of the major problems of the current smartphones is the battery is low. Duration battery on the smartphone is still a difficult with many manufacturers of mobile devices. Temporary solution to increase smartphone battery life, but it also brings many issues. There are many causes for smartphone run out of battery. It is possible that technology has not made …

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B612 Selfie Camera App for Android and iOS

B612 Selfie Camera App

Today we are known all boys and girls are like to click selfie with different styles and look. They are also to add more filters and emotions in their selfie pictures, so we have this new B612 Selfie Camera App for those who really like to click selfie in unique styles and flaunt your self among your friends and social …

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Angry Birds Transformers with new concept for Android and iOS

Angry Birds Transformers

Angry Birds Transformers is a really awesome game, sideways runs and you have jump to avoid obstacles. We must destroy them gradually turns into a Green Pig as much as possible before we ran through it. The green pigs who should be in the buildings like Angry Birds in which both the normal and the speed of it. Our character …

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LINE App with Line Selfie Sticker to turn yourself in to Sticker


The LINE Selfie Sticker app, insert the filters. Convert yourself into the cartoon. And to enter into a sticker set. Just as we stood by the sights. Then have to be put in front of the camera on your mobile, that’s it. Only restrictions of this App are supported on iOS and Android is not yet come, so we have …

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