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First Apple Watch Game Image appeared on the Web

The first Apple SmartWatch, Apple Watch likely will officially go on sale in the near future. Until the present time, the majority of users have yet to imagine using the Apple SmartWatch. Recently, developer NimbleBit LLC disclosed information about a new game that it had developed for the Apple Watch. NimbleBit LLC, the developer behind the success of the popular …

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Spartan browser Screen shots on Windows phone

New pictures of Spartan browser published by an official Microsoft blog, which shows that is worth to wait. In the event of Windows 10 on the last day 21-1-2015, Microsoft just announced the new alternative browser to Internet Explorer called Spartan browser running the new operating system, including smartphones and tablets. However, because there are many prior factors that need …

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WhatsApp on Desktop via WhatsApp Web client

The most popular Mobile chat Application WhatsApp, now able to access on the desktop thanks to WhatsApp Web client¬†dedicated Chrome browser and Android OS. As representatives WhatsApp, the focus of the application is still on the phone, but many people spend time in front of a computer at home or work, so this new version of WhatsApp will balance both …

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Windows 10 for the Mobile with improved interface and new applications

Joe Belfiore introduced Windows 10 for the Mobile phone and performed a few new features. Now Windows 10 for the phone has been confirmed and the official name of this version is simply Windows 10, not Windows phone 10. Still Modern interface with Live Tiles, but the design is very similar to the desktop style. Custom wallpaper now displayed full …

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WWE Immortals: The Game for WWE Lovers

After a long time waiting, fans of the WWE wrestlers will have the chance to re-create their heroes in this New WWE Game 2015. Of course, in WWE Immortals, the John Cena, Triple X, Batista and Kane will return back with a completely new visualization, they will embody the gods of ancient legend. The WWE Immortals sounds interesting, Let’s take …

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Top 10 free Applications for Windows 8.1

All these are free app to download even if you own Windows 8.1. Facebook: The Facebook application is good and comfortably runs on Windows 8.1. The interface is quite similar to the website along with the sidebar is designed to give the user the feeling of comfort and convenience. News feed functionality also works very well help users keep track …

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Stick Hero: Simple Mobile Game for Android and iOS

Stick Hero 2 is now available on the most popular platforms as iOS and Android, the game play is simple, but sometimes also interesting, not less than Flappy Bird. The Stick Hero game is the new release of Ketchapp, manufacturers of mobile game quite successfully take the path of simplification in both graphics and gameplay, an effective way of 2014 …

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Welcome Christmas with your Android Smartphones

Following are a few suggestions, and a small dedicated to help our visitors to refurbish for the smartphone that you are using, and make the most of maximum quality customized Android OS. Christmas was approaching, the people, the houses began decorating with different accessories that are filled with Christmas Day, so why do not we also decorate our smartphone with …

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Facebook Year in Review: looking back to 2014

The Latest Facebook Trends is Facebook Year in Review will help point the moments of 2014 is recorded on your Facebook account. To become the largest social network and most beloved planet, Facebook is not only constantly improve the user experience, but also often develops features to suit each time, simple but interesting bring all your experience. In the final …

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