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New images of the interface and features of Samsung Gear A SmartWatch

Samsung has just released a set of development tools for New Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watches, which has many interesting details about the round dial that the company’s next Samsung Gear A (codename Orbis). The first, images shows that the edges of the SmartWatch model can rotate, similar to previous Samsung Gear Watches rumors. The rotating rim like it has many …

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Noco XGrid and ChargeLight CL3 mobile battery chargers cum flashlights

The NOCO Company is a US based company since 1914, they had plenty of mobile battery charger, but with a two interesting function such as battery and flashlight. This Noco XGrid battery has different designs, different capacities, but also with a joint 250 Lumen LED flashlight, it is a super bright flashlight compared to the other lights. The Noco XGrid price …

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Selfie Arm for Singles to Take a Selfie

The duo of designers Aric Snee and Justin Crowe created a gadget called Selfie Arm for everyone who finally despaired alone. Currently, selfie photography has become the mainstream of everyone. People are taking a selfie photograph alone, or with friends, And by using a selfie sticks “take a selfie” becomes easier. The designer Justin Crowe with Aric Snee presents a …

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Apple Watch hardware cost only $80!!

Apple Watch

IHS iSuppli has released an estimate production cost of Apple Watch-38mm Sport version only $80 with a retail price of $ 349, which means that the real value is only around 1/4 price. According to the company, the production costs of hardware (excluding the cost of research, marketing, software, royalties, capital costs, transport etc.) Apple Watch made under $ 80, …

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Xiaomi Piston 3 vacuum headphones for $ 22

We have heard so much about the Xiaomi Phone, has recently released its new generation of vacuum headphones named Xiaomi Piston 3. The Xiaomi Piston 3 headphones stand out not only in sound quality, but also an exclusive design, which was nominated for the best design in the Red Dot Design Award competition. So Xiaomi manufacturer has patented a new …

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Xiaomi Mi Band Review, Specs and Price

The Xiaomi Mi Band is one of the newest brands involved in the Fitness Tracker accessories, it features many functions that stand to compete with the other brands. The Mi Band comes with a mobile phone application called Mi Fit which are available from the Play Store and also on iTunes. Besides some of the great features of Xiaomi Mi …

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Razer Forge TV bundle available to Pre-order for $149.99

The Razer Forge TV release on Amazon and now available for pre-order at online store. The Razer Forge TV price $149.99, the product will available from 15th May 2015. This is an entertainment device that runs on the Android TV platform and built-in Google Cast. The Razer Forge TV is powered by Snapdragon 805 chip, a quad-core 2.5 GHz processor …

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Asus Zenflash, LolliFlash, ZenPower and ZenEar accessories Launched in India

In India, Asus presents some accessory items manufacture by them for their smartphone line, which includes two removable flash such as Zenflash and Lolliflash, and a few other items like headphones ZenEar, portable battery charger ZenPower and View Flip Cover Deluxe. The most notable accessory is two flash units with xenon and LED lights. In the newly introduced product organization, …

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