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LG VR for G3, Give away with the purchase of the LG G3

Today, lots of mobile companies want to jump into the market of a mobile virtual reality glasses, or at least want to give their products are not less compared to the Samsung Gear VR for Note 4. The LG also recently launched a similar device like virtual reality glasses for LG G3 phones and will be bundled for those who …

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Asus ZenPower 9600 Battery Backup Charger along with Zenfone C

Asus is considered to be successful in the smartphone market. Contributed greatly to the success of this is the large consumption of smartphones. Last week, Asus has officially announced a new smart phone is Zenfone C, however, Asus also introduced a new battery backup device called Asus ZenPower 9600. Asus introduces consumers to a new backup charger device called ZenPower, …

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Toshiba Encrypted USB Flash Drive with keypad, priced starting from $95

Toshiba DPD – Digital Product Division, a division of Toshiba America Information Systems, today launched a Secure USB Encrypted Drive with inbuilt keypad on the body. Through the keypad, the user can enter a password to get access to data stored on the USB drive. The Toshiba said, this USB Flash Drive has a higher level of security to protect user …

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Qantas Airlines launch Samsung Gear VR virtual reality glasses service for passengers

Qantas Airlines Australia will be providing a new virtual reality entertainment service to their customer called Samsung Gear VR, a virtual reality wearing device on a flight for passengers. In particular, long-haul passengers, first class seat for a number of the Airbus A380 pilot will be entertained by the virtual reality device instead of the regular way. Also, this service is …

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Intel plan to launch Intel NUC CPU with Core i7 chip

Intel has revealed that they are preparing to launch the first version of the Intel NUC (NUC Mini PC) computer CPU run Intel Core i7 processor. More specifically, this chip is the 5th generation Intel Core i7-5557U (Broadwell) and its integrated with Intel HD graphics 6000 and 4K display supports promises to bring better gaming experience. Now the Intel NUC …

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Asus ZenWatch 2 will have long battery life up to 7 days!

Battery life is one of the problems that the SmartWatch manufacturer needs to fix as soon as possible because currently the market not have any SmartWatch with battery lasts more than 5 days, including Apple Watch with battery life is expected to only about 3 days. In a recent speech, Asus CEO Jonney Shih said that they have big plans …

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Microsoft Hololens: A virtual reality glasses running Windows 10

Microsoft has come into the world of virtual reality with Hololens (Hololens Technology Co Ltd) and obviously with a new level, beyond virtual reality glasses that we are seeing in the market. The problem here is that the Microsoft Hololens glasses allow us to see the virtual reality front of the our eyes not to look at the smartphone display …

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LG SmartWatch for Audi with webOS: Video and Images

As revealed from internal sources, LG has gradually built webOS Operating System dedicated to SmartWatch. So after a while put webOS on LG TV, LG seems to want to continue to bring this up with SmartWatch platform in the near future. A few days ago, LG revealed that they are developing a LG SmartWatch for Audi and news site The Verge …

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Lenovo launched Robot to take a selfie at CES 2015

The work of take a selfie photography will probably reach a new robot dedicated to take a selfie picture presented by Lenovo called Lenovo Vibe Fiebot. At this time CES 2015, Lenovo brought many interesting accessories, and especially towards the needs selfie photography is so prevalent today. Of these, notably to mention the robot Vibe Fiebot helps users take a …

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