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Samsung Advanced S Pen for New Galaxy Devices

Samsung Advanced S Pen

S Pen stylus of the Samsung Galaxy Note line is already very popular among Samsung users. Yet the S Pen stylus is not up to the mark today, Samsung has officially introduced to the new Samsung Advanced S Pen with outstanding features for next generation users. Today is big smartphones like Phablet are become the style statement of many people. …

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Sony SmartWatch 3 launched at $249.99

Sony SmartWatch 3

The latest smart wear news that Sony has officially launched The New Smartwatch 3 in the US for $249.99. After a long period of time you have been waiting to buy Sony’s latest SmartWatch. Smartwatch generation, Sony will officially go on sale in late November, but now users in the US have been able to put before the SmartWatch through …

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LG KizON Smartwatch for Children launched by LG


From LG smartphone, designed new Smartwatch called LG KizON specifically to wear on hand. LG is following the G Watch unexpectedly released another wearable watch LG KizON. It allows parents to track the location of their children and communicate with them as well. LG KizON is designed as a bracelet for elementary and smaller students. This watch allows parents to …

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Asus ZenWatch will officially be sold tomorrow for $199

Asus ZenWatch

The Asus ZenWatch SmartWatch will officially be sold widely around the world in the next 9th November. Since Google introduced the Android Wear for smart wearable devices, the SmartWatch is constantly being introduced to help the industry develop a strong way. Most recently, the world of technology has been witnessing the incredibly stylish watches from manufacturers in Taiwan, called the …

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Samsung Gear S with 3G SIM Slot available in just Rs. 28,900

Samsung has launched the SmartWatch Gear S which this world best technology with amazing ideas. It’s very modern and easy to carry so that you can send and receive messages without taking the smartphone. Gear S running Tizen Operating system with 1000 applications, which can complete most of your work without using a smartphone. Samsung Gear S also integrated 3G …

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Sony SmartWatch 3 & SmartBand Talk

Sony SmartWatch 3

The Sony company is launching the SmartWatch 3 Android Wear. In terms of features, the 3rd generation Sony SmartWatch 3 almost no difference with the SmartWatch of LG, Motorola and Samsung. The Sony company intends to provide SmartWatch 3 with Walkman a Bluetooth headset so you can control the listening experience from your Android Wear. In terms of design, Sony …

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Analog Keyboard for Android Wear from Microsoft

Microsoft debuting with virtual keyboard called Analog Keyboard for Android SmartWatch Wear to make them more powerful and stronger than OneNote app. Microsoft was quick to put their feet on Google Android Wear platform by launching OneNote app for this platform, and the company is dedicated to continuing support for Android SmartWatch Wear by launching a New data entry tools. …

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Intel Basis Peak SmartWatch with long battery up to 4 days

Intel Basis Peak

Smartwatch News : Basis – a subsidiary of Intel – has introduced the SmartWatch named Peak with many features to support professional sports with a battery life of up to 4 days. Computer chip maker Intel recently acquired manufacturer Basis Peak SmartWatch. Some time ago, Basis was rumored to be a large mass in his technologies like Apple, Google, Samsung, …

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Moto 360 Price and specs

Moto 360

Although it has been published and sold from the beginning of September, Finally, after many months of waiting, users can also touch this Moto 360 Smartwatch. Moto 360 Review: Images emphasizes the circular design and the Moto 360 Smartwatch, and Motorola sees this as a competitive advantage to other competitors from Asus, Apple, LG and Samsung, even though using a …

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Samsung SmartWatch with NFC feature at IFA 2014

Samsung SmartWatch

Samsung will have to accept the tough competition from Apple because Apple was launched earlier Apple Smartwatch with the same features. Only 2 weeks after the new generation of Samsung SmartWatch unveiled at the IFA 2014 event, was immediately appear rumors of a new device wear with many new features. Accordingly, Samsung SmartWatch will be equipped with NFC systems like …

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