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Take full control over your Guitar with IK Multimedia Z-TONE Buffer Boost and Z-TONE DI Preamp

Along with the iRig Pro Duo I/O 2-channel MIDI Interface, IK Multimedia is also transplanting their Z-TONE tone shaping technology, which is known from the well-known AX I/O interface, into two new devices: Z-TONE Buffer Boost Preamp and DI Stompbox, and Z-TONE DI Active DI Box. Both preamplifier products have a selectable pickup (Active / Passive) to ensure the ideal …

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Mackie launches Creative Reference CR-X Series Monitor Speakers at NAMM 2020

Mackie’s CR-series multimedia monitor speakers are growing in time for NAMM 2020: several new models and a subwoofer are rolling out. Mackie monitor audio speakers including CR3-X, CR4-X, and CR5-X are new in the range. There are also Bluetooth monitor speakers including CR3-XBT, CR4-XBT, CR5-XBT, and CR8-XBT. For the right humming in the low end, the manufacturer also has a …

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Mackie launches EM-USB Condenser Microphone and EM-89D Vocal Microphone at NAMM 2020

After announcing new SRM V-Class Loudspeakers at NAMM 2020, Mackie has also launched the two new EleMent Series USB microphone: Mackie EM-USB Condenser Microphone and Mackie EM-89D Vocal Microphone at NAMM 2020. The Mackie EM-USB USB microphone comes with a tripod stand, clip, and cable. It is much more important that the monitoring is sensible because many inexpensive USB mic …

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Samson Q9U XLR and USB Microphone announced at NAMM 2020

Samson manufacturing presents a new USB microphone at NAMM 2020: The Samson Q9U is a broadcast microphone that specializes in the transmission of speech and offers both XLR and USB connection. The Samson Q9U works with a dynamic moving coil capsule, which is equipped with a humbucking coil, to counteract hum and other background noises. A pop protection/windscreen is installed. …

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Tascam Model 12 Production Suite Mixer/Recorder/USB Interface at NAMM 2020

Tascam recorders is one of the manufacturers when it comes to combining analog desks with recording systems. And the Tascam Model 12 Mixer/Recorder/USB Interface seems to have good genes at NAMM 2020. The basis of the Tascam Model 12 is an analog USB audio mixer with 10 x channels. Eight of them offer 48V microphone preamps, the first six preamps …

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Korg launches HA-S Nutube Headphone Amp DIY Kit at NAMM 2020

Surprise from Korg at NAMM 2020! With the Korg HA-S Nutube Headphone Amp DIY Kit that brings a variety of special features. The Korg HA-S Nutube Headphone Amplifier DIY Kit has a 9-hour run time with two AA batteries but works with a tube. The secret is the very energy-saving, newly developed Nutube 6P1. This works like a conventional tube …

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VOX Cambridge 50 Modeling Guitar Amplifier with NuTube Technology

VOX brings a breath of fresh air to the market and introduces the new VOX Cambridge 50 Guitar amplifiers in time for NAMM 2020. According to the manufacturer, it should simply make many things better. Thanks to VOX’s own virtual element technology (VET), convincing sounds should be easy to conjure up: Overdrive, response, and dynamics should be at the same …

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Korg Wavestate Digital Wave Sequencing Synthesizer at NAMM 2020

With the WAVESTATION in the early 90s, KORG introduced a completely new form of synthesis that had never before been able to produce animated synthesizer sounds. The Wavestate Synthesizer picks up on the original idea of ​​wave sequencing and combines it with numerous modern features, a huge sample selection, versatile modulation options, programmable real-time controls, random functions and effects in …

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