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Tronsmart Element T1 and T2 Portable Bluetooth Speakers Under $25

Tronsmart Bluetooth Speakers

Tronsmart is a newcomer in an audiophile segment from China has launched two new waterproof portable wireless speakers called Element T1 and T2 are part of the new range as the Tronsmart Element Bluetooth speakers. The new speakers feature interesting designs and features that will help them stand out from other speakers in the market. The Tronsmart Element T1 and …

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Pioneer and Onkyo bring the Chromecast Audio on its Products

Pioneer and Onkyo have released a series of firmware updates to enable the Chromecast Audio streaming capabilities in their products. You can then start streaming from any compatible app on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and Linux PCs. It is connected via Wi-Fi connectivity and there are sampling rates of up to 48 kHz supported for lossless sources. Chromecast built-in allows …

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Plextone BX335 Sports Earbuds with Magnetic Tips, Bluetooth and Mic

Sports Earbuds with Magnetic Tips

At the Gym or other places that you utilize a cell phone for music, and you’ll likely be disappointed with the execution of the packaged headphones. Here we accompany a Plextone, a little-known Chinese firm comes with a trendy pair of Sports Earbuds with Magnetic Tips – called Plextone BX335 in-ear headphones with Bluetooth. And has been winning the approval …

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DJI Goggles with Head Tracking Control Announced, Priced at $449

DJI Goggles

DJI has announced new FPV headset called DJI Goggles, which has head tracking and feature, enabling you to control DJI drones just by moving your head. The DJI Goggles price is about $449 and is available for purchase on its official website and ships in May. The DJI Goggles are comfortable FPV headset designed for DJI products. It supports Mavic …

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Kinera BD005 is a Budget Hybrid Headphones

Kinera BD005

The vast majority of headphones and earphones today use dynamic drivers to push out sound. Some higher-end models have balanced armature drivers, which use magnetism to deliver powerful sound from within much smaller casings. The Kinera BD005 hybrid headphones combined a single balanced armature driver with a single dynamic driver in each casing. The Kinera BD005 hybrid in-ear headphones come …

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DJI unveils new Cendence controller, Monitors and Accessories at NAB 2017

DJI Cendence controller

In addition to Ronin 2, DJI has also announced the number of new high-performance hardware and a premium customer support program to help professional customers get the most out of DJI products. At the NAB 2017 in Las Vegas, we find a new customizable Cendence controller, DJI Tracktenna high-gain antenna, a new CrystalSky monitor with better performance, and finally the …

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DJI launches Ronin 2 Camera Stabilizer for Professionals

dji ronin 2

DJI Ronin 2, a new entry in three-axis gimbal stabilizer for the professional filmmaker, even more, powerful and versatile than its predecessor. The Ronin 2 stabilizer is based on DJI’s transformative gimbal technology, able to accommodate large camcorders, weight up to 13.6 kg. For now, no details on price and release date, probably will available around the second half of …

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Fiio X5 3rd Gen Review: Luxury Hi-res Player with WiFi

The Fiio X5 3rd Gen Hi-Res Lossless Music Player sits at the top of the range, offering expansive, reference-grade performance and a sense of drive like no other. With the price in US is about $399.99 and £389.00 in UK, we have a “Hires + Android phone” easy to handle, easy to operate and use, many new features, good hardware …

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