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Canon 470EX-AI Flash With AI Bounce that Automatically figures out the Best Direction

Coming to the professional photography, we must closely observe the lighting conditions in order to calculate the adjustment to hitting the right and reasonable to provide the best performance. However, the work will be automated with the all-new Canon 470EX-AI flash has released.

Canon Speedlite 470EX-AI

This Speedlite 470EX-AI flash will automatically determine the light source, if you are more advanced and often switch between shooting in portrait and landscape orientation, you can double-tap the shutter button after an optimal angle is calculated to have the flash always reorient itself to point toward that same direction as you’re changing your camera’s orientation.

In terms of appearance, the 470EX-AI is similar to the Speedlite from Canon, but it has motors inside at the base and hinge, and a sensor in the corner of the face of the flash. When you double tap the shutter button on your camera, the flashpoints out at the subject, calculates the distance, then points itself at the ceiling and does the same.


Although this idea is quite interesting, there are some limitations too. For example, if you let the flash pick a spot, and then you move to recompose your photo, you have to do the whole process over again or else the light will bounce in the wrong direction. The flash can also only work its magic on ceilings — turn the camera sideways and it will still point up after it measures.

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In addition to the fully automatic function, the Canon Speedlite 470EX-AI flash also features a “semi-automatic” mode, which allows the user to select an arbitrary light, lock, and double-tap the shutter button. The flash will turn to the predetermined angle. This ability can be useful when the photographer has identified a light source and wants to shoot at any angle to beat the light source. However, they try to flash this plant that does not always turn in the direction exactly as expected, but obviously saved a few seconds of life between each shot with different angles.

Canon 470EX-AI

Of course, in addition to the automatic technology, the Canon 470EX-AI flash still works as a normal flashlight, adjusting every direction as desired. It has been priced at $399, it can be pre-ordered via BHPhoto store and will be delivered in April 2018.

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