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CamFi Wireless Camera Controller now Supports Fuji X-T2, X-T3, X-H1, GFX 50R, GFX 50S, and GFX 100

CamFi, a manufacturer of the wireless camera controller, has announced that a new version of its application of the same device has received support for a wireless control for Fujifilm cameras. This feature allows photographers to automatically transfer photos from a Fujifilm camera to a laptop or mobile phone via Wi-Fi right during the photo shoot.

CamFi wireless camera controller

The advantage of this device and application is that the Wi-Fi sensor built into a PC, laptop or tablet is often too slow, and the CamFi camera control panel solves this problem. With CamFi, photographers can automatically transfer images to other devices at the shooting stage.

Mr. Mark Ma, CEO of CamFi, said: “It is not very convenient to review the photos on a mobile device or a Mac while shooting by Fujifilm camera. The built-in Wi-Fi is too slow. Our new feature changes all that. Now, our device and app will speed up the workflow of photographers who use Fujifilm cameras.”

The new version of the application supports the most popular cameras of the manufacturer, including the following models:

In addition, the new camera controls version supports real-time viewing, remote shooting, time-lapse photography, HDR and focus. The application allows photographers to save the image in RAW to the camera’s SD card, and transfer JPG only to the client device. This feature can reduce the time it takes to view a photo.

All existing users of CamFi CF 101, CF 102, CamFi Pro and CamFi Pro Plus devices can update their firmware and application for free and are also available to buy over Bhphoto and Amazon stores. Supported platforms are Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

In addition, in order to prevent the CamFi camera controller device’s battery from draining, the company also released a new USB port for Fujifilm cameras. This will extend the battery life of the CamFi from 1 to 3 hours.

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