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Best GoPro Tripod: Best to Buy

In this constantly updated buying guide, we will show you the best GoPro tripod available for purchase. In addition to assuming greater importance for shooting, GoPro tripods are essential accessories that should accompany you during the summer and your holidays. GoPro is a leading brand in the sector of the best action cams that focuses much on the quality and high compatibility of its devices with the most disparate types of accessories. Precisely for this reason, in this guide, we will not only show you those that – in our opinion – is the best GoPro tripod to buy but also how to choose them to make a sensible purchase.

How to choose GoPro Tripod?

For the choice of the best GoPro tripods, it is not necessary to follow particular directives or go into too much specificity: first of all, it is necessary to verify the compatibility of these instruments with GoPro action cams. Only then will you have to keep in mind some features that we have already compiled for you in this guide.

  • Size: a highly subjective parameter that establishes the portability of the tripod. If you need to travel much we recommend the very compact GoPro tripod that can eventually extend.
  • Weight: connected to the dimensions due to the transportation issue, it is usually not a big problem because most GoPro tripods are made of plastic or very light materials.
  • Stability: prevents the appearance of vibrations and micro-moved during shooting.

GoPro Tripod: Our Selection

In this section, we have collected for you the best GoPro tripod based on their functions, price and their actual usefulness. As we have already seen, GoPro accessories are so many that it would be impossible to list them all. For this reason, our choice takes into account the GoPro camera tripods available for purchase.

GoPro Tripod Mini

[amazon box=”B0156MFBJG” /]

The GoPro Tripod Mini with quick release is a starter kit to keep in mind if you are going to buy the first GoPro accessories. Completely made of plastic, these GoPro tripods have everything you need for the most basic operations to perform with the action cam: vlogs and time-lapse will no longer be a problem.

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GoPro Shorty

[amazon box=”B0755G21GJ” /]

With about $15 more you will have the chance to take home Shorty, one of the best cheap GoPro tripod. In addition to being the perfect travel companion for many users thanks to the size of about 12 cm, GoPro Shorty can be placed on any flat surface and reaches a maximum extension of about 23 cm. The materials also contribute to improving the ergonomics of this GoPro tripod, thanks to the use of very resistant plastic.

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Manfrotto PIXI Xtreme Mini

[amazon box=”B015RA40VC” /]

The Manfrotto brand is a veritable institution in the world of the best camera tripods, in fact, it has proposed a slightly different version of its famous Pixi Mini tripod, which includes an adapter for GoPro. The characteristics are almost identical to those of the Pixi that we usually know, among the most important, we remember the locking system with a button and the good workmanship of the feet. If you are looking for one of the best GoPro tripods, but don’t want to leave the Manfrotto family, this reworked version of the Pixi Manfrotto tripod will do the trick.

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Joby GorillaPod Action

[amazon box=”B00GTZJA7Y” /]

Famous for being one of the best tripods with flexible legs, this Joby tripod is enriched by action cam support and in particular GoPro. In addition to encouraging numerous out of the ordinary shots, the GorillaPod Action for GoPro is equipped with a ball head and a quick-release clip. Despite the flexible materials, this GoPro tripod is very durable and provides a good grip.

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GoPro 3-way

[amazon box=”B00KCX8H6E” /]

One of the most versatile GoPro tripod – but also among the most expensive. This is the one made by the company itself and is called GoPro 3-way. The reason for this name lies in the three main modes of use: 3-way can be used as a camera grip, as an extensible arm, and as a simple tripod. This device can be used for subjective films, selfies, and static shots but also for follow-cam. The price, although not excessive, reiterates the compromise that must be reached to grab one of the best GoPro tripods.

You can also buy it via

Best selling GoPro tripod of the moment

At the end of our best GoPro tripod collection, you should take a look at the top 10 best-selling GoPro tripods on Amazon. The list is kept updated by the store itself.

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