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What can never be missing in a photographer’s or amateur photographer’s kit is a camera backpack. In this constantly updated guide, we will show you the best camera backpack available for purchase, which will help you keep your photographic equipment in order and in safety. If you work closely with digital cameras or more commonly belong to the amateurs’ circle, you will have realized that transporting your equipment is always a difficult task.

The task of a camera bag is not only to put things in order during the movements but also to simplify them, avoiding that during the journey they can damage the machine body, optics, and various accessories. Below we will show you the main criteria to keep in mind if you are about to buy a camera backpack for your equipment.

How to choose a Best Camera Backpack?

Choosing the best camera backpack is never too easy, precisely because its job is to protect photographic equipment during transport. Think what a mess if your instruments fell during a walk because a zipper gave way! To be sure that yours was a good buy, we recommend some features to look for in a camera backpack.


The photographic instruments you carry cannot take risks, because they are extremely fragile. What you need to look for in a good camera backpack is the presence of straps that can hold the equipment in place. Also very important are the padding, which must be soft and present throughout the camera bag, and a good frame. The latter must be made in such a way as to absorb any shocks without endangering the contents.


The key to a perfect transport is to choose a camera backpack that does not go to excessive fatigue the user during use. It is necessary that will easy to put on and remove, that it is equipped with breathable inserts to avoid excessive sweating.


As we told you before, no type of equipment should accidentally fall out of the backpack. To prevent this, it is necessary to focus on camera backpacks with hinges and stable pockets. The padding must be soft and the elements of the backpack itself must not damage the contents. As for the risk of theft, it is possible to lower this value by preferring backpacks with hidden zips and with an internal opening.


The capacity of the backpack is an extremely subjective parameter that depends on the equipment that the photographer or the amateur photographer wants to take with him. The greater the number of instruments transported, the greater the bulk of the camera backpack itself and the likelihood that something will go wrong.

Our selection

Below you will find listed some of the best camera backpacks on the market. We have made a choice that, in addition to complying with the requirements listed above, is based on the quality and price ratio and actual reliability.

AmazonBasics Camera Backpack

[amazon box=”B002VPE1WK” /]

This AmazonBasics camera backpack, namely the 1393R1 model is made of polyester and nylon. Inside it is possible to insert up to two camera bodies and four lenses. The AmazonBasics brand is well known in the world of photography for quality products at excellent prices. Among the strengths of this camera backpack is a large number of straps and the presence of side pockets for storing tripods or water bottles. The front zipper allows you to store small and medium-size accessories.

Evecase Shell

[amazon box=”B074KR2XV9″ /]

With a very modern and minimal design, the Evecase camera backpack has great potential. Made with a waterproof and dirt-resistant material, it has rigid protection in the lower part that serves to protect a camera body and four-five objectives. The external hinge allows access to a laptop compartment up to 15″; while the side pocket allows you to insert a bottle of water, cables, batteries, and various accessories. Thanks to another retractable pocket, you can carry a tripod by connecting it to a strap.

Manfrotto MB SB390-5BB

[amazon box=”B004TA6Y8O” /]

A reference point in the world of photography, the MB SB390-5BBA camera backpack has dimensions of 34 x 21 x 46 cm and allows you to carry a camera body and three lenses (or two lenses and a flash). The inside pocket also allows you to carry a laptop and a tripod by hooking it to the side straps.

Neewer Convertible Rolling

[amazon box=”B0744HT8Z4″ /]

It is not often that you have to deal with such an ingenious camera backpack: in addition to being transportable by backrests, it is equipped with wheels, which allow it to become a comfortable trolley. The Neewer Convertible Rolling camera backpack is an impressive product, measuring 61 x 38.9 x 26.9 cm, which allows you to carry two camera bodies and eight lenses (or two flashes and six lenses). In the external pocket it is possible to insert a laptop up to 17″ and, thanks to a strap, it is possible to carry a tripod.

Manfrotto MB PL-3N1-36

[amazon box=”B01LXXPM1A” /]

The second Manfrotto camera backpack that we show you can accommodate two camera bodies and six lenses. It has dimensions of 35 x 28 x 49 cm and is designed to protect the contents from rain and sun. The side opening allows quick access to the optics, while the internal pockets can contain SD cards and other similar accessories. You can store your laptop in Inside pocket, while thanks to the two straps it will be possible to carry up to two tripods.

Lowepro FreeLine BP 350 AW

[amazon box=”B07DPV27CC” /]

This Lowepro camera backpack has an attractive and extremely nice look, made of nylon and water-repellent carbon. Thanks to the QuickShelf system, the external openings make it easy to reach the contents of the backpack, grouped in “shelves”. Inside the backpack can be inserted a 15″ laptop and various accessories.

Top 10 Best Camera Backpack at Amazon

At the end our guide, in which you will understand which camera backpack is right for you, we advise you to take a look at the top 10 best-selling camera bags on Amazon. We remind you that the list is being updated by the store itself.

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