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Best ABS Filaments for 3D Printers

Although for much 3D printing is just a hobby and does not count the quality of the prints made, for many it is practically everything. To see the fruit of your imagination take shape on the heated plate it is necessary that the quality filament used. Certainly, it is not possible to obtain results comparable to those of a factory, but in rapid prototyping, it is certainly the best thing. But which filament to choose? If you need strong, resistant and heat-tolerant prints, then the choice has obviously fallen on the ABS. Finding ABS filament for 3D printer, however, is not at all simple. The largest selection is once again available on the Jeff Bezos store.

Best ABS Filaments for 3D Printers

Before catapulting us into selecting the best products it is important to say that ABS has a higher level of toxicity than PLA (Best PLA Filaments). The ratio is about 3:1. It is recommended to use the printer in a ventilated environment and use a faceplate if you are near the printer in operation. Despite all this, ABS filaments offer better prints than PLA considering also that it is possible to finish it using acetone.


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SUNLU ABS Filament is the right compromise between quality and price. It is available, compared to the competition, at a price lower than about $3 compared to the average. The filament enjoys a good reputation among the less experienced, but it climbing level fails to give the desired results. If you are experimenting and you are still familiar with 3D printing then it is the right solution.

AmazonBasics ABS Filament

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Amazon itself manages to conquer the market even when it comes to ABS. Its filaments are extremely suitable for semi-professional jobs and are available at a price not then so accessible. This kind of filament is indicated for the production of prototypes and for high-resolution prints. In fact, printing with too low resolutions, the quality of this filament would end up not appearing properly. Beyond the specifications of the filament, the degree of satisfaction of the users is important.


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The famous company also produces filaments for 3D printers. The ABS has halfway represented probably the ideal choice for those looking for quality with a more or less contain expense. The filament gives bright prints with shiny highlights when exposed to light. It requires a slightly higher extrusion temperature than other filaments and therefore it is important to pay close attention to the maximum current delivered by the feeder.

Let’s also see the top 10 Best ABS Filaments for 3D Printers on Amazon

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