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Audioengine A5+ Wireless Bluetooth Speaker System Review

Audio brand Audioengine has been working on the shelf stereo system segment for over 10 years, and today we have stereo equipment for a review called Audioengine A5+ Wireless Bluetooth speaker system and it is said that this product is a very favorite in the audiophile world.

Audioengine A5+ Wireless Bluetooth Speaker System Review

The advantage of the A5 series wireless speaker system is that it possesses an excellent sound quality while maintaining a compact size, as well as a very affordable price. A5+ Wireless is the next model of the brand, which has an integrated aptX Bluetooth connection, allowing users to listen to music streaming services.

Design, Functionality

The A5+ portable speakers Bluetooth tweeter is completely similar to the Audioengine A5, but instead of being slightly skewed like the previous model, it is placed in the center. We think it is meant to bring the A5+’s wide-angle and speed, wider, and more audible in many room spaces.

The speaker’s woofer is wrapped in Kevlar, the rectangular speaker box is rounded with a very classic and beautiful viewing angle. The A5+ Wireless has color options including Satin Black, and Hi-Gloss White, in addition to a Solid Carbonized Bamboo version with no higher price than the cover.

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Behind the speaker is a bass hole designed to look flat like a CD case. The Bluetooth speaker system base is also lined with soft foam to prevent scratching on the surface of the speaker, or you can also attach the A5+ Wireless to the wall. The left speaker has a built-in 75-watt Class-A/B amplifier and comes with a rear-panel foot panel with RCA, 3.5mm and output connectors for the right speaker.

Next to the panel is a metal heatsink for the amplifier. The mini stereo system has a pair of buttons (with LED) and antenna for more stable connections. The left speaker has a power indicator and Bluetooth and a volume knob in front. Remote features such as volume increase/decrease and activate sleep mode.

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Setting up the Bluetooth speaker system is extremely simple, all you need to do is plug the power cord into the speaker and then connect (wireless or wired) to your rig. A5+ Wireless supports up to 6 wireless speakers simultaneously.


Experiment with Tidal and Spotify’s high-quality streaming services, the A5+ Wireless delivers very wide sound with high clarity, completely surprised us with its modest size. The acoustic guitar is well performed, we notice that it is clearer and brighter than the older Audioengine A5, has depth in mid-treble sound and creates a good soundstage for the guitar solo space.

It was a successful attempt by Audioengine to deliver something good, in the $500 range, perhaps the only one off-the-shelf stereo system that comes with a Bluetooth aptX HD 24 bit DAC, built-in analog amplifier, and remote control that triples its fun.

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While listening to the symphony, the bass range in the song from Eiji Oue is shown to be a bit redundant due to the inheritance of many sub-bass sounds and is pumping a bit of force on the upper bass to listen to much new music.

If you buy this speaker, you should always buy two or more portable speakers Bluetooth stereo system to enjoy the true sound as well as stereo stand to separate the speaker from the table surface. This slightly withstands the treble, increasing the efficiency of sound, detailing, and clean the bass.

To achieve a clear and stable sound quality, the most accurate soundstage should be toe-in (rotate speakers facing together).

Final line

If your listening area is of moderate size, Audioengine A5+ Wireless Bluetooth speaker system would be a great option for those seeking to enjoy high-quality music, suitable for listening to lots of new music and classical, romantic, and soft songs. Wireless connectivity is also an advantage of today’s technology when most users use a smartphone to listen to music or listen to streaming services.

Those looking for a premium home stereo system with punchy bass and wireless freedom would be better served by the Audioengine A5+, which retails for $499 via and stores and is a much better-rounded product.

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