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Apple iOS 12 Focus on Performance and Augmented Reality Announced at WWDC 2018

Apple officially unveiled iOS 12 at WWDC 2018. The first confirmation concerns that the iOS 12 will be available on all devices using iOS 11 (from iPhone 5s and iPad Air onwards), with particular attention to the performance of older devices. In the case of an iPhone 6 Plus, for example, there will be an improvement in the speed of 40% in the launch of the app, 50% in the activation of the keyboard and 70% in browsing photos.

ios 12

Part of these improvements is due to the new CPU management system, which will be able to offer maximum power from the first moment, contrary to what happens now. In addition to improving performance, iOS 12 aims to improve many other aspects of the operating system.

One of these is Augmented Reality, on which Apple returns proposing the new USDZ format – dedicated to the visualization of 3D objects to be placed in the real environment – and the new official application called Apple Measure, which will allow you to use the iPhone with compatible ARKit (from 6s onwards) to measure a wide range of objects, such as photographs.

All of this was accompanied by the ARKit update to version 2.0, which now allows you to create multi-player AR games, improve 3D model rendering, face detection and offer persistent gaming experiences. All the potentials were shown through a demo created in collaboration with LEGO.

apple ios 12 performance

Apple iOS 12 introduces some important news for the Foto app, which now gains a search function integrated into a dedicated tab. This will immediately offer targeted suggestions, even before typing text, and will allow you to use multiple search terms, search for a photo based on the location, the event shown and many other parameters.

In addition, the app will also offer a new tab called For You that will also allow you to receive suggestions for filters to apply and to quickly share entire photo albums with our recommended contacts, all through an encrypted and secure connection.

Apple has also shown some interesting news for Siri – and introduced the Siri Shortcut application. The assistant is aimed to be smarter than before, suggesting actions based on factors like time, location, and even your calendar. For instance, Siri can scan your emails and messages for upcoming meetings and remind you to inform your teammates if you are detected to be running late. Actions can be customized, and with the new Shortcuts app, users even are able to create a series of actions from different apps that can be carried out by the press of a button or a voice command. A new Shortcuts API will allow developers to ensure their apps can take advantage of the feature. Siri can also allow on-demand ordering and fitness apps to send notifications based on your location as well as your usage patterns.

ios 12 features

Moreover, CarPlay allows showing third-party developers app directly on the dashboard, such as surfers. In this way, the apps for music, messages, calls and those of the manufacturer are all brought together in one place.

Important news also for many other system applications, such as News, Voice Recorder, Stock Exchange and Apple Books. In addition to updating the interface, with particular attention to the iPad, News and Borsa are now able to talk to each other, thanks to the sharing of the articles related to the actions.

Bag and Voice Recorder also land on iPad; the latter gains support for saving voice notes on iCloud and a completely new interface. Apple Books – formerly iBooks – now offers a dedicated store that incorporates the App Store design and includes tips and editorials.

ios 12 search

With iOS 12, Apple has reviewed some important aspects of iOS, such as Do Not Disturb and notifications. Starting from the latter, we point out the arrival – expected for years – of the possibility to group notifications for both app and topic. Also present other interesting news, as the possibility for Siri to suggest which notifications disable based on the use we make of the specific app.

The Do Not Disturb mode becomes more and more complete and now also includes the ability to display only the time and weather widget on the lock screen, without including notifications, which can be recalled via a special button. This is intended to make the lock screen more relaxing.

Also present a new feature called Screen Time, which will offer a more complete overview of the use we make of our iDevice, allowing you to always have control over how much time we spend with smartphones and tablets on a weekly basis. Particular attention to parental controls, which take advantage of Screen Time to allow the parent to limit the use of devices by setting specific rules for each app.

ios 12 memoji

As expected, iOS 12 also introduces new features regarding the Animoji. In addition to the ability to track the movements of the language, Apple introduced 4 new Animoji: Koala, Tiger, T-Rex, and Ghost.

Along with the classic faces based on animals and virtual characters, Apple also introduced Memoji. The latter allows you to take advantage of a complete editor to create a 3D model that reflects the physical characteristics of the user. All the news related to iMessage and FaceTime – now able to allow group video calls up to 32 users. Among the minor novelties of iOS 12, there seems to be a new font.

iOS 12 is now available in beta version for developers, while a public beta will be released during the month. The final version will be released in September.

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