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Android 11 Preview is Available, Pixel users can Download Now

Normally, Google released a new version of Android Preview in March, but this year, the company released Android 11 Preview soon. Immediately will be available for your Pixel phones. The Android 11 latest news is mainly around support for 5G networks, foldable devices, better HEIF image capture, new artificial intelligence API, improved video decompression for use with Game streaming services like Stadia.

android 11 latest news

Not much has changed in appearance, but don’t forget that this is only the first Preview. Gradually, Google will introduce more new functions for Android 11, and in May when the Google I/O event will take place, we will see even more interesting things. In the near future perhaps Google will also open Android 11 Preview for some other brands to experience, such as Nokia, Oppo, Xiaomi, Vivo and more, according to what it has done in previous years.

If you are using Pixel devices, so the Android 11 download link is HERE for you, support from Pixel 2 to Pixel 4, Pixel 3a can also be played.

Android 11 Preview Changes

API for 5G:

  • Dynamic meteredness API so that apps can monitor, access network data and do many things with mobile networks, specifically with 5G.
  • Bandwidth estimator API for 5G to make it easier to check the downstream/upstream bandwidth.

New screen types:

  • Pinhole and waterfall screens, apps can now know whether the phone is using a Galaxy S20-style punch-hole screen or waterfall style display like Galaxy Note 10. Previously this feature has allowed identifying drop-notch screen then.


  • Apps that have their own area to display conversations, probably need to update chat apps to support this feature.
  • Bubbles feature: display the chat bubble like the one that Facebook Messenger is using.
  • Insert image right from the answer button in notification with the chat app.

Neural Network API 1.3:

  • Quality of Service APIs support priority and timeout for model execution.
  • Memory Domain APIs reduce memory copying and transformation for consecutive model execution.
  • Expanded quantization support, we’ve added signed integer asymmetric quantization where signed integers are used in place of float numbers to enable smaller models and faster inference.


  • There is an option to grant data access only once, the next time the app wants to use, it must be asked again. This applies to iOS with location data access, while Android 11 will use up most of the sensitive permissions. The app will have its own data storage area, another app is not allowed to penetrate, is also a feature like iOS. To try and see how delicious it is.


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