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Amazon Fire TV Recast Takes Live TV to Any Other Screen: Price and Availability

Along with the Echo Sub, Echo Link and Echo Link Amp devices, Amazon announced the Fire TV Recast, a new device that will simplify the lives of those who still enjoy watching television shows. It is a device with internal storage that can record or transmit two or four programs simultaneously, from the signal of a digital antenna – sold separately.

Amazon Fire TV Recast

This is basically what Fire TV Recast does: broadcast or record television programs. There are two models, one with 500GB of storage, which can access two channels at the same time, and another with 1TB of storage and access to broadcasters.

To watch programs, the user needs another compatible device. And there it can be a Fire TV Stick, an Echo or even a smartphone or tablet. Fire TV Recast does not have its own screen and neither antenna. It is simply a DVR device, but with access to more devices than just a television. And all this via wireless network.

The device itself is a cubic-shaped box that can stay anywhere in the house. However, of course, the best bet is to be positioned where the antenna signal is stronger. And for this, there is a device that helps measure the strength of the signal. From there, the user can configure it via Alexa, the smartphone screen or the TV itself (with the Fire TV Stick), connecting to the WiFi network.

Fire TV Recast Price and Availability

The Fire TV Recast is already available for pre-order on Amazon.com. The 500GB model with access to two channels – which gives about 75 hours of recording will cost $229.99. The other model, with access up to four channels simultaneously and 1 TB of storage, with up to 150 hours of recording, costs $279.99. Both the products will be released on November 14, 2018.

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