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5 Things Every Electronics Geek Should Have

If you love everything about electronics then you will no doubt want to display this clearly. Here are some of the things we think no electronics geek should go without.

A Top of the Line Computer

What self-respecting geek isn’t going to have a fantastic computer from which they can play all their games? However, you might find that most of the computers available to buy simply don’t have all of the capabilities you are searching for. Luckily, it is fairly easy to construct the computer you want using parts available online. Take a look into how you could put together the ideal computer for you and your needs; it might be easier than you think.

A PCB Design Program

If you like to dabble in the realm of PCB design then you are going to need a top-quality design program to help you do so. Altium is perfect both for the professionals and the amateurs out there who want to design PCBs no matter how complex or simple they might be. Whether you are looking to upgrade your current program or you are thinking about diving in and getting started, Altium will be able to help you.

Floppy Disk Coasters

Whether this is for someone who is addicted to collecting older tech or the older geek in your life who is longing for the good old days, any geek is going to appreciate floppy disk coasters. More often than not, they are happy to sit at their desks for hours on end with a hot drink of their choice nearby. The floppy disk coaster will not just help to protect their desk but will also help to bring a little retro fun to their workstation.

A Nixie Tube Clock

Nixies are cold cathode displays which are able to display a number or other information. They were considered obsolete but have since been revived by electronics enthusiasts everywhere. The most common use of a nixie tube nowadays is in a clock. Vintage style nixie clocks are very much in demand in the electronics community. You can easily find either a fully assembled clock online or you can buy kits so you can build one yourself.

A Cable Tidy

Being an electronics geek means that you will have a lot of cables to deal with. Even if you have chosen to go wireless with mice and keyboards, you will have to deal with all the cables attached to powerpacks. Some people have meticulous organization skills for their cables and others just let them get tangled. If you know someone who is the latter, consider getting them a cable tidy to help organize things a little bit better.

These could be perfect presents for someone even if they were not an electronics enthusiast. Do any of the things on this list catch your eye? Whether it is a top-quality piece of equipment like Altium or something fun like a floppy disk coaster, there are plenty of ways to show your enthusiasm for electronics!

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